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Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice

This OOAK sculpture, titled Sugar and Spice, depicts a nook of the North
Pole kitchen. Wearing a red, wool sweater, black pants and brown, faux suede
and fur boots, Santa dons Mrs. Claus' holiday apron! His elf, Jack, sports a
dark green fleece costume with a white shirt and black tights, accented with
red trim and tiny jingle bells.

Proud of a job well done, Jack raises a pan of freshly baked gingerbread
cookies, as Santa takes in the enticing aroma. Notice the sleeping cat,
basking in the warmth of the oven.

Behind Santa and Jack, you see the old-fashioned "cast iron" stove with all
the yummy Christmas fare on display. Goodies include (polymer clay) a
gingerbread house, sugar-sprinkled apple pie, strawberry glazed angel food
cake, and some peanut butter cookies, along with cookie dough and rolling
pin too!

The overall height is 14-1/2 inches (16" Santa). Base is oak, oval-shaped,
and measures 22-1/2" x 15-1/2." Santa's hair and beard are angora. Faces and
hands are polymer clay. Bodies have sturdy wood and wire armatures. Santa's
eyes are closed as he savors the Christmas scents. Jack has beautiful green
realistic glass eyes.