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Plotting the course

Plotting the Course
This OOAK mixed media sculpture is Plotting the Course. Many hours of love and attention to detail went into this Santa, designed and hand-made by Mary
Bauman. He made his debute at the Hellman Gallery in September.
Santa's hands and face are of Prosculpt; and the highest quality mohair is used for his hair and beard. Soft, gray, realistic glass eyes are aided by spectacles perched low on his nose.
Santa's coat, beret, and pants are made of a dark, olive-green, suede-like upholstery fabric, lined with matching crinkled silk. The same soft fabric is used for his shirt, with the silk flounce and sleeves.
His long, elegant coat is bordered by a complementary green and gold trim and a rust-colored twisted cording. A round filigree button and rust tassel accent Santa's beret. Accessories included are "antique chair," globe, and atlas.

Overall height is 24" (28" Santa)
Chair is 21-1/2"x14-1/2".
Globe stands 14-1/2" high and 6-1/2" wide.