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Familiar Friend

This Santa measured 36 inches and his base is 20 inches in diameter. His head and hands are hand sculpted polymer clay. His eyes are the best quality glass, gray in color. His hair and beard are the finest quality English wool, light-brown gray in color. He has a sturdy wooden and heavy wire armature. His hands also have a wire armature.
He wears a (vintage) rabbit, (yellow brown) fur coat with hood & fur trimmed leather boots. His coat is lined in brown wool and his hood is lined in red. He wears a red long-underwear shirt & brown wool pants complete with suspenders. His buttons are dried hickory nuts drilled and attached. He walks with a branch trimmed with evergreen vine. He totes a burlap bag of grain from North Pole Feed, and delights in the bird on his finger. The base holds a special tin of apples (one out) and a little wild rabbit.
He is signed and dated by the artist:
Mary Bauman
He also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.