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Who gets my Theodore?

Overall Height is 34". Base is 12" round. Table is 12" round. This African American Santa has a hand-sculpted polymer clay head and hands. They are glazed with an acrylic varnish & paint mixture. His eyes are the best quality glass, gray in color. His hair and beard are of the finest (nat.) mohair. He has a sturdy wooden and heavy wire armature. His hands also have a wire armature. He wears a "wooly fleece" long vest and cap (trimmed with evergreen & berries) He has brown suede-look pants & real leather hand-made boots. He wears a red (with brown & tan) patterned shirt with a old-lace flounce. His shirt cuffs & vest have a antique looking buttons with a red-glass stone. His table is decorated with books, candle on doily. Also a parchment scroll w/list of children (&burned edges), ink well, and framed clock. He holds a red quill pen & Theodore the bear (my name for him).
He is signed and dated by the artist:
Mary Bauman
He also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.