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"Teddy Bear Band"

"Teddy Bear Band" is a OOAK sculpture by Mary Bauman.
Santa's face & hands are Prosculpt. His eyes are beautiful gray,
realistic glass, and his hair & beard are the highest quality mohair. His coat,
hat, and boot trim are vintage black Persian lamb.
Other details include an under-dress with ruffled sleeves
(cranberry, black & tan) matching large belt,
tasseled boots, epaulettes of cranberry & gold with
two tiny teddy buttons, & antique brass buttons on
Coat front and sleeves.
Along with Santa are his band members--Bart on saxophone, Shadow on trumpet, Gramps on banjo, Rufus on trumpet, and "Otta Step Ted" in Santa's hand with the little drum. The horns are beautiful brass reproductions.
Overall height of the sculpture is 33" ( 30" Santa).
His base is 18 inches round.
Mary Bauman